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This is the home of the FREEWARE version of our Parental APP & parental monitor. The FREEWARE version will monitor every keystroke made on ANY Windows PC or Laptop* and is absolutely FREE to download and use.

*this version does NOT work on Windows 8 or 8.1, please buy our NEW Windows 8 version available HERE.

We realise that there are many parents out there in the world today that cannot afford the price of the PRO Parental APP, so we decided to release a basic FREE version which only monitors keystrokes.

Please note that the FREEWARE version will not allow you to set hotkey or stealth options, if you would like those features please look at our PRO version...

Your family must be your number one priority...

Lets face it, only 30 years ago things were very different. Kids could go to school without having to navigate through 8ft high fencing and CCTV cameras all over, you could let your kids play out until 8pm and still know they were safe. These days we dare not let our kids out in the street never mind stay out till late and schools have become virtual prisons. But it sadly is needed, with the advent of the computer and especially the internet pedophiles have been given access to a virtually unlimited amount of sites, and some of them such as Facebook or Bebo are a dangerous place where your child or children can be contacted 24x7!

How to protect yourself (or your child) from Pedophiles!! The first thing you should do is install one of our Parental APPs & parental monitor software's onto all of the PC's or Laptops that they use, set them up so that they are silently monitoring everything they do (pro version is best for this). And at the end of the night or next morning log into their PC or Laptop and load the log file and you will see exactly what they were doing. The PRO version will monitor every website they visit, every program run and much more. While this FREEWARE version is limited it is still ok for basic use.

  Keystroke Recorder - Monitor Every Key Pressed
  Does NOT Need Installing
  Free Updates For Life Of Product
  100% Portable
  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Compatible
  No Virus, Spyware OR Adware In Our Software EVER!.

  Free Version Is Heavily Restricted & Only Keystrokes Are Recorded.

FREEK FREEWARE will capture ALL keystrokes made on the target machine. Just Some Of The Uses For FREEK:

PARENTS: Being a parent myself i realise how important it is to keep your child safe while they are online, as i mentioned above with the advent of Facebook, Bebo and many other similar sites its increasingly hard to monitor everything. This is where FREEKY will help, our FREE Parental APP and parental monitor will monitor EVERY keystroke made on any Windows PC or Laptop.

SCHOOLS: If you are a school teacher, headmaster or helper, our Parental APP will be able to monitor your children's computer use and make sure they are 100% safe at school. With our generous licensing scheme, you are free to install our software on an unlimited amount of computers. This will not only help keep your children safe from harm but will also save the school a lot of money.

EMPLOYERS: At least75% of employees have at one time or another used works PC's to access social media sites or in some cases adult websites when they should be working. Our software can run silently on any Windows PC or Laptop and will monitor every website they visit and every action made.


FREEKY freeware version can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, it comes as a simple portable application which needs NO installation, not only that but you are free to install our software on an unlimited number of Windows PC's or Laptop's. This makes our Parental APP and parental monitor stand out from the rest.

FREEWARE Screen Shown Above

FREEKY has been designed to be user friendly and as a result you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. If you want to download our FREE Parental APP and parental monitor then all you have to do is click the download button below:

ALL our software has been checked by virustotal and Kaspersky and they are 100% safe and secure.